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On Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th June a one-way system will be in place on Victoria Avenue with traffic only being able to travel in a westbound direction (towards Middleton Road).


This operation will be from 19:00 and will be in place until 02:00. The extent of this will be from the junction of Tweedle Hill Road and Victoria Avenue to the junction of Middleton Road. 


Signs and traffic management equipment will be in place accordingly to support this operation. 


As residents, access will be maintained only when safe to do so. We ask that you follow all signage, the road layout, and adhere to any instructions and directions given from the stewards or police. 


Residents that live on the south side of Victoria Avenue will need to leave / enter via Crab Lane and use Broomhall Road.


Any properties whose frontages lead directly onto Victoria Avenue will need to exit left and then use Cudworth Road then onto Broomhall Road to exit. Please note that this is the dedicated emergency access route and shuttle bus lane so proceed with caution. 


Anyone who lives on the Northern side of Victoria Avenue will need to use Heaton Park Road to exit the area. At the junction with Victoria Avenue, there will be a managed crossing operation to Broomhall Road. You are able to use Victoria Avenue however you will need to stay in the flow of vehicles heading westbound towards Middleton Road.


Residents around the Munn Road area won't be able to leave via Acre Top Road but will need to use the Munn Road / Victoria Avenue junction. Here, onward travel can be in either a west or eastbound direction.


For those that live off Deanswood Drive, exiting from this area is strictly on a right turn only to head west on Victoria Avenue and then follow the system on Middleton Road northbound towards the M60.

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