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All homes within the resident permit zone should have received an information leaflet and permits.  

Residents living within the permit zone can request additional permits by completing this form. The deadline for posting out additional permits has now passed but permits can be collected from the following locations: 

  • Monday 3rd – Thursday 6th June, 08:00 to 16:00 at Parklife Site Reception, Lakeside Car Park, Sheepfoot Lane, M25 0BP


  • Friday 7th June, 12:00 to 20:00 at The Maccabi Centre, Bury Old Road M25 0EG


  • Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th June, 11:00 to 21:00 at The Maccabi Centre, Bury Old Road M25 0EG


Please do not attend the Maccabi Centre outside of the times above as they will not have permits available to collect.

Please bring proof of address to collect permits, we will not be able to issue them without this.

For a more detailed overview of the permit areas and parking restrictions in place, please refer to the Residents Information Map HERE.

The following roads are those that are included in the ‘Parklife Residents Permit Scheme’.

Albert Avenue
Albert Street
Aldermaston Grove
Aldersley Avenue
Atcham Grove
Babbacombe Grove
Baguley Crescent
Bailey Street
Balmoral Grange
Bannerman Avenue
Beadham Drive
Beaufort Street
Bedford Street
Beech Close
Beechwood Road
Belfield Road
Bent Lane
Bettwood Drive
Bishops Road
Blackburn Street
Blackley New Road
Bowker Bank Avenue
Bowker Vale Gardens
Brandram Road
Branksome Drive
Breeze Mount
Brindley Avenue
Brooklands Road
Brooklawn Drive
Broomhall Road
Brynford Avenue
Buckland Avenue
Buerton Avenue
Bury New Road
Bury Old Road
Caldecott Road
Canterbury Drive
Carlton Avenue
Carlton Drive
Carr Bank Avenue
Castle Hill Road
Catherine Road
Cedric Road
Charlbury Avenue
Claythorpe Walk
Cobb Close
Colchester Avenue
Corris Avenue
Cotswold Drive
Counthill Drive
Craigwell Road
Cranbrook Drive
Craver Avenue
Cromwell Road
Cudworth Road
Darliston Avenue
Deanswood Drive
Dellcot Close
Dexter Road
Dorchester Avenue
Dovedale Avenue
Downham Crescent
Downham Gardens
Earl Street
East Meade
Eastleigh Road
Edenfield Road
Edgeware Avenue
Edilom Road
Edson Road
Elizabeth Street
Ellbourne Road
Errol Avenue
Finningley Road
Fort Road
Fraser Road
Freshfield Avenue
Glenbrook Road

Green Walks
Grey Street
Grosvenor Street
Gwendor Avenue
Hampden Road
Hardman Avenue
Harrogate Avenue
Hartley Avenue
Hastings Road
Haversham Rd
Heaton Park Road
Heaton Park Road West
Heaton Street
Henry Street
Hereford Drive
Heys Road
Heywood Court
Heywood Gardens
Heywood Road
High Bank Crescent
High Bank Grove
Highcliffe Road
Hill Crescent
Hillwood Avenue
Holyrood Close
Holyrood Drive
Holyrood Grove
Holyrood Road
Holmfield Avenue
Hope Park Road
Huntley Road
Infant Street
Kelvin Avenue
Kendall Road
Kenyon Lane
Kings Close
King's Road
Knight's Close
Lakeside Rise
Lancaster Drive
Ledsham Avenue
Lichfield Drive
Lincoln Drive
Links Crescent
Lister Road
Lyndhurst Avenue
Lynton Drive
MacLaren Drive
Makepeace Walk
Malvern Close
Marton Grange
Mather Avenue
Meade Hill Road
Meadfoot Avenue
Melton Rd
Melton Road
Melverley Road
Merton Road
Middleton Road
Mildred Avenue
Milton Road
Monica Avenue
Mosslee Avenue
Mountford Avenue
Mowbray Avenue
Moxley Road
Naseby Place
Nazareth House
Newington Avenue
Newtown Street
Noreen Avenue
Northbrook Avenue
Northdale Road
Northleigh Drive
Northurst Drive
Norton Grange
Ogden Street
Orange Hill Road
Ostrich Lane

Overbrook Drive
Park Place
Park Road
Park Street
Parkfield Avenue
Peach Street
Plymtree Close
Polefoeld Road
Princess Avenue
Princess Road
Queen's Drive
Randlesham Street
Ravens Close
Recreation Street
Redford Road
Richmond Avenue
Robert Street
Roch Bank
Rochester Avenue
Roseland Drive
Rothesay Road
Russell Street
Salisbury Drive
Sandringham Grange
Scholes Lane
Scholes Walk
Sedgley Avenue
Sedgley Park Road
Sharnbrook Walk
Sheepfoot Lane
Silverdale Avenue
South Meade
Southbrook Avenue
Southwood Drive
Stanley Street
Stanwick Avenue
St Austells Drive
St. Margaret's Close
St Margret's Road
Stobart Avenue
Stores Street
Taylor Street
Tewkesbury Drive
The Meadows
The Residences
The Stables
Thorndyke Walk
Tixall Walk
Torcross Road
Tudor Court
Upper Wilton Street
Velmere Avenue
Victoria Avenue
Watkins Drive
Welford Road
Wells Avenue
West Meade
Westhorne Fold
Westleigh Drive
White House Avenue
Whittaker Lane
Willingdon Drive
Wilton Avenue
Wilton Street
Winchester Avenue
Windle Avenue
Windsor Crescent
Windsor Road
Wiseman Terrace
Woodgate Drive
Woodhill Drive
Woodhill Grove
Woodthorpe Court
Woodthorpe Grange
Wyville Drive
York Avenue

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