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What is Parklife?

Parklife is a multi-stage music festival that takes place at Heaton Park, Manchester. The festival first began in 2010 at Platt Fields Park, Fallowfield, and moved to Heaton Park in 2013 as it had outgrown its former home. Parklife now greets up to 80,000 people during the two days in early June. Parklife temporarily moved to September for 2021, due to COVID restrictions. 

Who are the organisers?

Engine No.4 Productions, an award-winning live event production company, are contracted to produce the festival. Engine No. 4 have a dedicated staff member who oversees the Community Impact Taskforce and works with stakeholders to reduce the impact of the festival on local residents and the community.

What is the Parklife Community Impact Taskforce?

As part of Parklife's licence supplied by Manchester City Council, in 2015 it was agreed that the Community Impact Taskforce be put in place to reduce the impact of Parklife amongst its local residents. The resulting framework provides a level of support in the locality above and beyond most other urban music festivals and in 2017 the Parklife Community Fund was developed to further supplement this.  

If you wish to contact the Community Impact Taskforce regarding any issues before, during or after the event, please click HERE.

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