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About the Parklife Community Fund

The Community Fund is run by Parklife in collaboration with Manchester, Bury and Rochdale councils. It is the result of the festival’s approach to partnership working with the three local authorities and has made over £349,000 from the 2016-2023 festivals available for the benefit of community groups (priority is given to groups and projects that utilise parks and open spaces and / or work with young people).

Parklife 2023 Community Fund 

The Parklife 2023 Community Fund generated £63,000 for community groups based around Heaton Park and specifically in the ward of Sedgley, Holyrood and St Mary’s (Bury), Higher Blackley and Crumpsall (Manchester) and South Middleton (Rochdale). The fund is raised from contributions made at the festival by guest-list attendees, and an additional £8,000 was raised through festival tickets being donated to various charities for raffles and auctions – taking the total amount raised for charitable causes from Parklife 2032 to just over £71,000.


How to apply for the 2024 fund 

The Parklife Community Fund is currently closed for applications.  Details about the 2024 fund and how to apply will be announced after the event on 8th & 9th June. 

Micro Grants 

Smaller grants of up to £600 can be applied for via a 'Micro Grant'.  The next round of applications for Micro Grants will open after the 2024 event.  Find out more here.


Any questions, or for support and advice, please email

2023 Community Fund Allocation

50 groups received funding from the 2023 Parklife Community Fund allocation of £63,000


BURY: 28

8th Prestwich Scouts, 22nd Prestwich Scout Hut, Bailey Street Bowling Green Association, Bury Greenwood Group, Bury Lions Club, Friends of Phillips Park, Friends of Warwick Street Green, Heaton Park Methodist Church, JAMH, Jewel, Jigsaw Bury, Langley Allotments Association, Manchester Maccabi, Mary Burns, PADOS, Philips Park Barn Management CIC, Prestwich Arts Festival, Prestwich Carnival, Prestwich cricket, tennis and bowling club, Prestwich Clough, Prestwich Clough Day, Prestwich Methodist Youth Association, Prestwich Pride, Prospect House school, Simister Village allotment association, St Marys Churchyard, St Margarets Primary PTA, The Fed



Earlybird, Heaton Park tramway, Mama Amazing, Manchester Festival of Nature, Mcr & District Beekeepers, Rockfit, Woodland Mgmt group, 



105th Mcr Scout group, 308th Mcr Scouts, Abraham Moss Community Football, Blackley Football Club, Bowker Vale Primary School, Cheetham Hill Juniors, Cheetham Hill sports club, Crumpsall and Cheetham Horticultural Society, Friends of Blackley Forest, Higher Blackley Community Organisation, Manchester Youth Zone, Rainbow Community Centre, Reel Mcr 



Friends of Alkrington Woods, Rhodes play area 



2022 Community Fund Allocation

46 groups received funding from the 2022 Parklife Community Fund allocation of £57,375


                                                        BURY: 30                                                            

8th Prestwich Scouts, Albert Avenue Allotments, C Teen Mcr, Friends of Barnfield Park, Friends of Gardner Mount, Friends of Prestwich Forest Park, JCFT, Jewel, Jigsaw, Langley Allotments, Maccabi, Phoenix Centre, Prestwich Arts Festival, Prestwich Carnival, Prestwich Clough Day, Prestwich Cricket, Tennis and Bowling Club, Prestwich Pride, St Mary’s churchyard action group, St Margaret’s Primary School, Warwick Street green, IEPAD, 22nd Prestwich Scouts, Highfield Rd allotments, Earlybird project, Prestwich rooted, Bailey St bowling, Mary Burns Bury New Rd project, Prestwich together, Simister village allotment, South Clough allotment 



Mcr and District Beekeepers, Mcr Tramway museum, Heaton Hall, Mcr Festival of Nature, Woodland Mgmt group


                          MANCHESTER: 10                           

Abraham Moss Community FC, Friends of Heristone Park, Mcr Youth Zone, Rainbow Surprise, Prospect House Specialist Support School, Friends of Blackley Forest, 105th Mcr South Group, Blackley Cricket Club, Mirfield Road Community Garden, Byrons



Rhodes Middleton New Play Park



2021 Community Fund Allocation

64 groups received funding from the 2021 Parklife Community Fund allocation of £81,750


BURY: 36

Friends of Philips Park, The Jewel Foundation, Jewish Action for Mental Health, PMYA – Youth Club, Prestwich Arts Festival, Langley Allotment Holders Association, South Clough Allotment Holders Association, Prestwich Carnival Committee, St Mary's Churchyard Action Group, Prestwich, Cricket, Tennis and Bowling Club, Seed Community Action, Cteen Manchester, PMYA - Resources Project, Prestwich Amateur Dramatic and Operatic Society, Bury Greenwood Project, Albert Avenue Allotment Association, Incredible Edible, Prestwich Allstars FC, Prestwich Circle, NCA Northwest CIC, OLOG Parent and Toddler Group, 8th Prestwich Scout Group, Yom Hashoah, Highfield Road Allotment, Creative Living Centre, Maccabi, Friendship Circle, Prestwich Community Cinema, Prestwich Together, Prestwich Street Kitchen, Manchester Area Home Educators, Earlybird Project, Highfield Road Allotment, Mary Burns, Bailey Street Bowling Association 



Incredible Edible Heaton Park, Woodland Management Group, TLC St Lukes, Heaton Park Tramway, Manchester and District Bee Keepers, Friends of Heaton Hall, Manchester Festival of Nature, Manchester Area Home Educators 



Blackley Football Club, French Barn Allotments, Manchester Youth Zone, Friends of Blackley Forest, 105thManchester Scout Group, 434 Manchester Scout Group, Crumpsall and Cheetham Horticultural Society, Crumpsall Community Allotment Group, Rainbow Surprise, Abraham Moss Warriors, Abraham Moss FC, Green Fingers, Manchester Pru, Cheetham Hill Sports, Heristone Park 



Little Heaton Primary School, Rhodes Pre School, Popstars, Friends of Alkrington Woods, Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale Circle



2020 Community Fund Allocation

Unfortunately there was no fund in 2020 due to the event not taking place. In addition to financial support, Parklife has also established the Parklife Community Fund Network to explore ways in which community groups around Heaton Park can work together and support each other with their projects 

2019 Community Fund Allocation

54 groups received funding from the 2019 Parklife Community Fund allocation of £58,000



Heaton Park Primary School, The Jewel Foundation, WHAG, St Mary's CE Primary, Maccabi, South Clough Allotment, Young Leaders, King David High School, Friends of Gardner Mount, Jigsaw, The Fed, Prestwich Shomrim Community, Bailey Street Bowling Association, Prestwich Cricket, Tennis, Bowling Club, Prestwich Clough Centenary, Albert Avenue Allotments, Seed Community Action, Simister Village Allotment Association, Prestwich Cinema, St Margaret's Church, Creative Living Centre, Simister Village Community Association, Prestwich Methodist Youth Association, Prestwich Arts Festival, Friends of Prestwich Forest Park, Prestwich Together, The Friendship Circle, Langley Allotment Holders Association, Prestwich Carnival, Philips Park Management CIC, Incredible Edibile Prestwich & District, Sedgley Park School



Manchester and District Beekeepers, Manchester Consortium of Nature, Heaton Park Tramway, Nest Theatre, Friends of Heaton Hall, Incredible Edible Community Garden, Incredible Edible Community Orchard



Friends of Heristone Park, Parkland and Cleveland RA, Abraham Moss Community School, Breakthrough, Abraham Moss Warriors, Close Neighbours RA, Irk Valley Community School, Friends of Blackley Forest, Mirfield Community Gardens, 105th Mcr Scout group, The Byrons, Blackley Cricket Club, Blackley Home Educators, Macmake Residents Association



Friends of Alkrington Woods



2018 Community Fund Allocation

30 groups received funding from the 2018 Parklife Community Fund allocation of £45,000



Baillie Street Bowls association, Beis Mordechai, Casicare, Clean Team Prestwich, Creative living Centre, Incredible Edible, Jigsaw, Manchester Maccabi Centre, Prestwich Arts Festival, Prestwich Clough Centenary, Prestwich Cricket Club, Prestwich Plodders, Prestwich Together-community picnic, Shomrim Prestwich Community Safety, South Clough allotments, The Fed - dementia garden, Yesoiday HaTorah School, Young leaders Lubavitch



Abraham Moss Warriors, Blackley Band, Breakthrough Youth Club, Crumpsall and Cheetham Horticultural Society, Friends of Blackley Forest, Friends of Heristone Park, Heaton Park Runners, Pocket Park Games, Rainbow Surprise, Shed 17, St Paul’s Church Hall, Tangled Dance



2017 Community Fund Allocation

For details for the 26 groups and organisations that received funding from the 2017 allocation of £44,000 please click HERE



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