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To ensure minimal disruption to the road network around Heaton Park and for those who regularly use it, the need for road closures are necessary. These help ensure a quicker dispersal of the audience at peak times and the restriction of unwanted vehicles using residential roads as a shortcut.

Belows map informs you of all the key road closures and traffic enforcement areas along with key locations that you may need to know about. If you would like to see zoomed in maps of all the individual areas, you can download them HERE (NB: Zoomed maps will be updated soon).

To see the list of roads that are covered in the Residents Permit Scheme, please click HERE.

here will be a one-way system in place on Victoria Avenue to assist the quick egress of customers from the event. If you live on or near Victoria Avenue and you would like more information please click HERE. 

PL'23 map.jpg
roadclosure info.png
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