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Groups looking for smaller grant of up to £600 with a shorter application process can apply for a Parklife Community Fund Micro Grant.

Building on the pilot programme in 2019, there was £24,500 in the 2021 allocation and £10,375 in the 2022 allocation for community groups who want to grow an idea or need a smaller amount of financial support. This can be for activity in any of the above wards, including Heaton Park, and groups applying for these smaller pots of money will ideally have received money previously from one of the local councils (Bury, Manchester, Rochdale) or be known to them and there is a lower limit.


Applications to the Micro Grant fund are made direct to Parklife and groups can either apply for a microgrant or a Manchester / Bury / Rochdale fund grant but not both. Details of the Micro Grant will be announced at the same time as other strands of the Parklife Community Fund after this year’s event.

Please email for more information or download the application form here

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