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Heaton Park is hosting Parklife on 8th & 9th June 2024.

Events of this size take many days to set up. The build for the event will start on Wednesday 22nd May 2024 starting with the erection of the fencing around the Event Area.

This will have an impact on normal access routes into the park involving temporarily closure of Grand Lodge and Gate 7 from Wednesday 22nd May.

The event de-rig, including removal of all fencing will be completed by Friday 21st June 2024.

The map below shows the temporarily closed gates & suggested diversion route:

gate access PL CIT_edited_edited.jpg


Grand Lodge Entrance

No through access on pathways. 


Sheepfoot Lane Pedestrian Entrance.  No through access. 


Sheepfoot Lane Car Park

Suggested Diversion.  Please note access to the south lake pathway will be prohibited.


Middleton Road Tramway Entrance.  Normal access until event days 8 & June access will be restricted.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and please do not hesitate to contact the Park office on 0161 773 1085 if you require any further information or email  To contact the Parklife CIT team call 0161 883 1962.

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